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Your UK Outsourcing Solution to Low Cost, High Quality Component and Product Manufacturing in China.
Manufactured Components| Precision Components | Quality Sourcing

Quality assurance is paramount for any UK company seeking to outsource components and manufacturing to China.  If the quality of the products are poor then the potential cost reductions created by outsourcing become a large problem to the customer, and therefore the decision to outsource becomes a nightmare.

Source 2 China sourcing reputation is founded on the the basis of supplying high quality components, RIGHT FIRST TIME, meeting the ever increasing customer demands.  Customer confidence must be judged by results, and therefore Source 2 China successfully strive to meet these demands.

All Chinese Manufacturers used by Source 2 China are audited to confirm their Chinese accreditations by our UK engineers, enabling us to feel confident that parts supplied by Source 2 China meet our demanding customer requirements.  All suppliers must be accredited to ISO 9001:2006 or heading towards this, and for Automotive Component Manufacture, the suppliers must be accredited to TS16949.

Understanding the Quality potential of a suppliers is very important, and Source 2 China work closely with the supplier to achieve this.

On all component manufacture, the parts will be supported with a First off Inspection report, Material Certification, RoHS certification and if an Automotive Component a full PPAP is submitted to the Customer.

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